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The holidays are all about being festive and fun, and that doesn’t only apply to your Christmas decorations. The oil that’s frying up your latkes isn’t the only thing that’s hot. What’s the best accessory to get into the spirit? Your nails, of course!

I’ve always loved nail polish since I was a little girl. This may sound silly but when my nails are done, it makes me feel pretty, clean, and well, polished. (Insert laughter or eye roll here.) Enter the world of gel and dip manicures, and keeping nails looking fresh is easier than ever. What used to be chipped within days, if not hours, looks fresh and shiny for weeks.

Just like fashion trends, there are also nail trends and whether you want to follow them or create them, there’s so much you can do on such a little nail. There’s no better time than the holidays to experiment, get creative, and explore new colors and designs. Long, short, pointy, or round, there’s something for everyone.


Show off those beautiful nails and your fun personality this holiday season with metallics, purples, icy blues, classic reds, creamy beiges, and even spicy mustard. Bring on the holiday cheer with a color you’ve never tried before and get out of your comfort zone.

Who doesn’t love a compliment from a stranger who adores your nail color?  It’s the little things that can make your day and give you a confidence boost. Nails are like yawns; they’re contagious. If I see a color I like on someone’s nails, I either go up to them and ask or find something similar at my nail salon. Then someone sees mine and it just keeps going.

Like fashion, you have to experiment with your nails and see what you love and what you swear you’ll never choose again. What looks amazing on that stranger you went up to could look awful on your own nails. There’s skin tone to consider, lighting, and the level of talent of the person who’s painting your nails.

Nail trends have gone way beyond color and more into style and design. The best part is there are so many trends happening at once, you can’t go wrong.


The options can almost make you dizzy and if you’re not good at making decisions like me, having your nails done can give you some anxiety. Nails should be fun and while not every color or style will be a winner, try and relax and not take it too seriously.

If you’re a little nail shy, start with an accent nail and take that nude you love up a notch with some glitter. It will give you a subtle but glam look that’s perfect for the holidays. If you’re more the bold type, try different shades of one color on each nail, go for a gold french manicure, or try a candy cane ombre look. If you can find a really talented nail artist, holiday and winter-themed designs like wreaths, Christmas trees, snowflakes, and plaid, to name a few, look very cool.

I tried matte nails a few weeks ago and it was such a different look. While shiny will always be my go-to, it was fun to experiment and I got a lot of compliments. If you like the matte look but feel it’s too much for ten nails, try matte on just one for a simple accent.

Be Realistic

While there should be no limits to your nail imagination, you have to ensure you can go about your everyday life with your new nails, especially if you have long and pointy talons. Can you type? Will you be able to change your little one’s diapers? What about wiping yourself in the bathroom? Strange and perhaps gross thoughts but ones you have to think about. You don’t want to spend all this money only to realize you can’t do your job, stabbed your one-year-old on the changing table by accident, or are sh*t out of luck on the toilet.

If you do a lot of dishes like me, invest in a pair of rubber gloves. They’re super cheap so invest might be a strong word but you know what I mean. It will add days to your nails and prevent them from becoming weak and brittle.

Mo Manis, Mo Problems

Speaking of money, gel and dip manicures are not cheap and because it’s really hard to take off the polish at home, not everyone can afford to go to the nail salon every few weeks. What’s a gal to do?

There are some really impressive press-on nails you can buy these days that won’t break the bank or your nails for that matter. They have super trendy designs available and if you don’t like them, you can easily take them off. You can even use them for a special holiday dinner you’re throwing to add a little sparkle to your outfit and then take them off before you return to work the next day.

You can purchase nail stickers and design strips that will make you look like you spent hours and lots of money at the nail salon. They’re simple to use and make for a great night with the girls or a bonding moment between mother and child.

While it’s nice to sit back and relax while someone else cuts, cleans, and polishes your nails, not everyone has the time, patience, or money to do so. With the popularity of gel nails, there’s been an explosion of at-home gel polishes and kits available. There’s no excuse to leave your nails naked this holiday season.

Nailed It

Your guests will notice your impressive nails as you pass the turkey instead of focusing on how dry your bird is. As you hand your holiday gift to your host, she’ll notice your fabulous fingers and not focus on the re-gift you just realized was given to you first.

Whether you plan on visiting your local nail salon or doing your nails at home, there are tons of options at any price point to sparkle and shine, or maybe you’re going for that matte look, in which case your nails won’t shine, but they will stand out. Don’t be afraid to test out new colors, designs, lengths, and finishes to show off your personality and creativity. Your digits will thank you.

Hope You Enjoyed the Read!

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Authored By: Lindsay Giguiere

Lindsay is an entrepreneur, influencer, and advocate with a passion to help women and their loved one’s thrive beautifully.


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